Friday, February 8, 2008

lucid dreaming

i have researched the latest craze: LUCID DREAMING!!! 2 years ago it was airsoft guns and parkour. 1 year ago it was skateboarding and paintball(supposedly). now it is mice, nurf guns, airsoft guns, and lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you are asleep and you realize you are in a dream. for some this may seem creepy, but when you know you are dreaming, you can somtimes control them. you realize you are dreaming when you body and your brain are aware of things. so if you take a nap an our after you wake up, or in other words, asleep when your body should be awake, you usualy have a lucid dream. here are some steps you can take if you would like an experience like this

1. Dream Recal. first you must be able to remeber your dreams. after you wake up, try not to move because if you move too quickly, you can forget what dream(s) you had. keep a dream journal next to your bed. if you wake up around 3pm and remember a dream, write it down or you will forget it during the night. it is cool to read something you don't even remember writing. write it in present tense so you can remember more details. after you right it down, try to go to sleep while remembering or continueing your dream.

2. Dream Awarness Tests. In a dream ask yourself if you are dreaming. some test you can do to find out if you are dreaming is looking at your hands to see if you have more or less fingers, look at yourself in a mirror to see if you are blurry, look at a clock and see if it changes, look at text to see if it changes, or plug your nose and see if you can breathe. these test are also good to do during the day, even if you are completely sure you are dreaming. it is not good to have an attitude of "this is obviously not a dream" because you will have that habbit in your real dreams. so in the day pretend you are dreaming, or think you are dreaming, do the tests, and that same habbit will develop in your dreams.

3. Dream Lengthenning. a great mishap is when you realize you are lucid, and then wake up right after. this happens because you body is aware. on way to lengthen your lucid dream is to rub your hands when you feel like you are about to wake up. another way is to spin around to keep dreaming.

side note: when you sleep it is not just one long dream, your dream is split up into 90 minute increments. when you remember your dream, there are probably still some you can't remember.

side note 2: there is another type of dream (which is very, very difficult to have) called an out-of-body-experience. usualy 1 to 3 out of every 10 people get them at least once in their life. it is much more real and vivid than a regular dream. people say it feels like you have left your own body and have a strange buzzing noise in their ears. people also say that even when they wake up from one, they still think that what happened in their dream actualy happened in real life. such as a story of a boy who had an out-of-body-experience and visit his friend in Tibet to see what he was doing. when he call his friend, he found out that what happend in his dream actualy happend.

so yea, i have been trying this stuff and i might write down some of the dreams i had on here someday.