Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A lot of people like photos on people's blogs. A lot of people also like mainstream music, but I'm not going to talk about that (oh, no way in HECKsville am I gonna go there...mainstream...*shudder and vomiting sound*). Anyways, to redeem myself for posting so many pictureless (spellcheck tells me that's not a word. SHUTTUP spellcheck, you're not a word eaither) posts, I have decided to put a bunch in this entry.This little guy is something I made out of wire, some kind of wizard knight casting a spell. (He's standing next to a quarter to put himself in perspective). Wire art is a little hobby I picked up that my older brother used to be into. It's pretty fun. It's like doodling in 3D, only it takes kind of a long time. Here are some other pics of some other projects. Woman in a dressGentlemen making a business deal (holy crap, it took so long to get them balanced, no pun intended)six sided die.

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words is full of crap. Nobody is gonna read a blog with over 4,000 words! If anything, a picture is worth less, which is why people like pictures so much cause it takes less effort to "read" them. Most pictures I can think of are only worth 5 words. 20 at the most.Add Image

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When I want to do something productive, but I don't want to go to school, do homework, or get up, I edit footage. Film is a hobby of mine, and basically my whole family is involved with film as well. Editing may seem like work to most people, but I find it both challenging and enjoyable (like video-games!). It is something I hope to do throughout my life, hopefully as an occupation, so I can make some freaking money already.

Here are the last 2 projects I've made. They can also be found on my youtube channel: pkplaceDOTblogspot.

Marching Band

River Rafting

Saturday, December 18, 2010


As a very patriotic American, I support the long lost art of being sarcastic. However, it is a trick topic to write about, since the reader could be thinking all throughout the post, "Holy crap, is he being sarcastic or not? Is he actually pro-sarcasm? or does he hate it and is being sarcastic about it? Wha-PARADOX!!!" We can all agree that sarcasm is a difficult thing to talk about without being sarcastic. Like talking about sneezing, burping, hiccuping, and coughing at the same time, you cannot help yourself but to demonstrate what you think it would sound like (atch-*bughghg*hic*KHA!*). So, instead of being sarcastic with you, directly, as a reader, I will instead show some examples of sarcasm.

Example 1:
Random Stranger: Yeah, I've been to space! (being sarcastic)
Myself: Really? That's cool dude. (Also being sarcastic/playing along)
RS:No dude, Just Kidding! (thinking I wasn't being sarcastic/assuming I'm a dumkopf)

At this point the random stranger evades me, leaving me know time to explain myself: knowing he was sarcastic. But, we must also assume he knew I was playing along, at which point he decided to mess with me and my mind (which is something I would do, actually). Needless to say, I hate it when this happens.

Example 2:
Myself: You are such a horrible person (being sarcastic)
Clueless Girl: Shut up! No I'm not! (not understanding sarcasm)
M: Yeah you are! (etc.)
CG: OK fine, whatever...(catching on/joining sarcasm)
M:What? You admit it! Ah-Ha! (reverse reverse sarcasm)
CG: Wha- Oh my Gosh! (not understanding reverse reverse sarcasm)
And so on and so forth.

This one is my favorite. It seems like most girls understand American sarcasm just as well as most Europeans do, which is not much, at all (Please don't hurt me for saying so! I mean not to offend! Especially the Europeans, those guys are cool).

Monday, December 13, 2010


It is such a beautiful thing. Why do people say otherwise? It confuses me. After spending all day catching up and getting grades back up, it really isn't that bad. After that I can look back and say "wow, I'm so glad I hung out with my friends, watched tv, and played video-games instead of wasting my time doing depressing mind numbing homework." If you think about it, procrastination is less stressful than always being on top of things. That's probably so many people do it. There shouldn't be too much shame in doing so.

Procrastinators of the world...UNITE!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So Prime Time Real Estate performed today after school. It was a really fun show.

So in Back-Stab-Tag, we are always looking for new methods to achieve a successful assassination/tag. I came up with one that is available, but has not yet been used: MOBILE ATTACK!!! Step 1) Locate your target and make sure they don't see you. Step 2) Call/Text them, describing their location. Step 3) If they can't find you in 5 minutes, they're it!

Last night I had a dream that I was on some kinda futuristic train to the west. It had some kinda belt, kinda like a baggage claim at the airport, only people walked on it to get to places faster. I got to this house to do some weird chores. I remember it being mostly made of glass, and there were 2 kinda big dogs making me nervous. After trying to escape them, more started appearing. I eventually evaded them by jumping out of the TV (apparently I was in a TV world). It was wack.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prime Time Real Estate

The number of people in my band has doubled. At first it was just me and another friend, now there are 4. One for ever word in the name of our band. It is kind of a hip-hop/ska/jazz/rap kinda thing. It is fun to play, and we are probably going to perform more that we have in the past, now that we have more people and it's legit. Music is so much fun. PTRE has become an awesome band.