Monday, February 16, 2015


Skip to the paragraph that says "Santa-man" for some hardcore adventure stereotypes!!!

I've been thinking about brickwizards a bit, and I want to take it more seriously.  So that might mean writing some drafts before publishing them on this blog.  I'm still open to talk about what I have in mind for it if you want to message me or something, or talk to me in person.  Whatever.

It's also pretty obvious that I've been pretty lazy with this resolution here.  I'm thinking I could fix that by being accountable to basically everyone I know, instead of a select few.  To be more exact, I think it would be a cool idea to write short stories or whatever and dedicate them to specific people I know.  Once they start expecting it, I'll be more likely to be writing on a regular basis.  I'm more prone to let myself down more than letting others down.  I let myself down all the time.  It's kind of like when I was in the MTC, and I started making little tongue-and-cheek drawings of "inspirational" animal puns in attempt to help people get through the day.  It didn't take long before everyone in the district was demanding a new goofy drawing every minute of every day.  I'm hoping the same thing will happen with my writing goal.  I hope friends will come up to me on a regular basis and say "when are you going to write me another story?"  That 'twould be the best case scenario.

Anyway, I'm not sure what other plans I have for this blog post specifically.  It's just been on my mind the past few days to write something cool.  So the following is pretty much on the spot:

Santa-man sat on his shack bench, staring into the sea, his mind going in and out of a state of philosophical mysteries, to feeling of blankness.   Way too much time on his hands, now.   It was as if he had done all that he needed to do.  Sure, there were some menial chores as usual, like cleaning barn, organizing tools, fixing metal prosthetic limbs.  Come to think of it, that was all he had to do.  Ever.  He could really put it off for as long as he wanted, because after that, there'd be nothing else to do.  What's the hurry?  There was more than enough time left in the day.  Even when he finishes organizing the tools, it's not like he's gonna use them for anything immediate or urgent.  He could just use those tools without organizing them anyway!  I guess, it was just the principle of being organized, which appealed to Santa-man's thoughts at this time.  Although, and this menial thinking was beginning to wear on him.  He'd try taking a nap, but that wouldn't do any good.  He'd been awake for three hours anyway.  Santa-man fumbled with his beard, which he usually did to calm himself down after getting so worked up.  If he was more worked up about something worth getting worked-up over, he wouldn't stroke his beard.  Not for the purpose of calming himself down, anyway.  But this was the kind of working-up that he didn't like, and it was this type of anxiousness which kept him from taking it easy for longer than a few days.  He hoped one day a ship would come to shore and somehow give him something to do, as long as he didn't have to work around people.  As uncomfortable as he was around himself, it was heaven compared to being surrounded by unfamiliar souls he didn't know.  Sure, he could make friends, if friend was the word. But then what if they started relying on him?  What if -

The middle of this thought was interrupted when Santa-man heard the faint sound of tapping across the porch, accompanied with intermittent metallic clanking.

"What are you doing up at this hour? "asked Santa-man, "Can't sleep?"
The sand crab looked up, far from amused at the bearded man's joke.
"You know you're the reason I don't have friends, right?"
"You're a crab, Klasper, you wouldn't have friends either way."
"Well, I'd have a chance if it weren't for these metal limbs you attached to me" Klasper made pathetic metallic pinching sounds, though to himself they sounded quite intimidating.
"You and I both know you can get rid of those whenever you want," said Santa-man, "It's not like you've lost most of them already, anyway."
"Hey, you know I'm just messing with you," Klasper raised his smaller, iron claw, "I'm lucky to be alive!"
"Yes, Klasper, we've had this conversation before"
"So what's the next big thing for good old Santa-man?"
Santa-man sat silently.
Klasper sighed, "Are you seriously waiting for something to happen again?  Why do you always do this to yourself?"
"The universe is big enough to provide something for me.  Why do I always have to searching for something?"
"It's not like you never find things to do."
"I always find it.  Whatever it is I always find it.  It shouldn't be too much to just have something fall on my lap once in a while." Santa-man sighed got up from his chair "Yeah, you're right.  I better get going"
"Do you even know where you're going this time?
"I hear there's been some trouble in the Graveline Mountains"
"You're going NOW? Those mountains are in the middle of the Snowy Solstice.  Have you ever even been cold before?"
"I'll be fine."

This may not be the best first impression of Santa-man, but he's a character I'm quite fond of, and I don't think he'd be complaining as much as he is now over something so vague and menial.  I was just clawing at anything he and Klasper could talk about.  I'll probably fix it later, but thanks for being a part of this writing exercise, whoever you may be.