Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Human Volcano

I'm back from the great land of Germany, but instead of boring you all with hours of footage, I decided to actually entertain you instead. (but don't worry, I'll eventually post all the stuff I filmed while I was there)

The new "Meet the Medic" video has inspired me. Therefore I have conducted an experiment, in the name of science. I hope you will enjoy it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Here in Germany

June 10, 2011

yesterday was my sister+in+law's birthday (I prefur plus signes over the traditional minus ones)
tomorrow is MY birthday (or as the Germans say: ''Geburtstag'')

I will be 18, which means I will be able to buy as much dry ice and fireworks as I please. WERD.

For a second there when I clicked ''new post,'' it said ''page unavailable'' or something, but then I refreshed it so lucky for you (or not) I'm writing a new blogpost - LIVE FROM MEISSEN!!! or Lommatzsch (I hope that's the right spelling) to be more exact. I thought I was off the hook there, but to no avail.

So Germany is pretty awesome. I got a lot of footage, but I probably won't post hundreds of videos on youtube like what I did for Isreal (let's face it, posting all those were not fun for anybody). I'll probably throw them all in a pile and publish it as one long 2 hour video that 2 or less of you will even bother to watch.

So, those of you who know me may have seen me at the pillow concert doing goofy things. One specifically that many of you have been quothing (and yes, I mean quothing) is the infamous 'I trusted you.'' What bothers me is that about 99% of you have never seen the original. *sound of crowd booing.* Watch that joint, dag nabbit! You'll find that I can't bring the genius of Andy Kaufman to justice.

I'll be back soon, so until next time: Auf Wiedersehen!!!