Friday, December 22, 2017

Apricot Jones part 4

Apricot Jones was coming too his senses, but was still a bit loopy.
"Do we HAVE to go to Grumble-bumble?"aked Latr
"Yes, no question," said Indu, "but we need to prepare first. Apricot is the only one who can open the portal. We just need to make sure he doesn't open it too early. Just make sure he doesn't say-"
"Grumble bumble bumble grumble bumble GRUM-BULLLL!!!!" sang Apricot.
"Apricot, no!"
Suddenly little cat paws appeared and pulled all of them through something.

Suddenly they found themselves on their bums, in a bed of flowers, surrounded by pink houses and pink roads and pink people and everything pink. Little dwarf munchkin guys were running in circles around them, holding flowers and singing, "grumble bumble grumble bumble!"
"I'm scared!," said Latr, "I'm scared and I hate this place!"
"Where are we?" asked Apricot, "Did I do this?"
"We're in Grumble Bumble, and yes you did do this," Indu replied, "but I don't blame you."
"I blame you!" yelled Latr, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I just hate this place so much."
"It is our best interest to leave here as soon as possible," Said Indu, "but first we need to do that one thing." said Indu.
"What one thing?" asked Apricot, "And where are we?"
"Grumble Bumble, I told you."
"Oh, Grumble Bumble!" Latr lamented, "Why, did it have to be Grumble Bumble?"
"That still doesn't answer my question," said Apricot, "Why is everything pink?"
Indu started rubbing his shoulders against Apricot's foot, as if he were a cat.
"It's better if you don't ask questions here, Apricot. For the answers will confuse you more." said Indu.
"Why are you rubbing your shoulder against my foot like a cat?" Apricot asked, ignoring Indu's advice altogether.
Suddenly the little munchkin dwarf guys turned to face the flowerbed which Apricot, Indu, and Latr were all standing sitting in.
"You guys are interrupting our song!" said one munchkin guy, in a really angry yet hilarious high-ish pitched voice, "The citizens of Grumble Bumble will not tolerate your crimes!"
"Why are we still here?" Latr mumbled to himself.
Another munchkin dwarf dude pointed and said, "Hey, aren't they the guys that Boss Man said to spit on if we ever saw them again?"
"Yeah, it is! Spit on 'em!"
"What?" yelled Indu, "How do you know it was me! I'm wearing a different hat now!"
All the the dwarf munchkin gnomes started spitting ferociously. Indu  grabbed Apricot's arm and started running. Latr followed closely behind.
"They're getting away!" said one leprechaun munchkin.
"Throw eggs at 'em" said another.
The munchkin dwarf gnomes started throwing eggs, and they surprisingly had strong arms. The eggs exploded like grenades and bombs and they hit the ground.
"I hate this place so much!" Latr yelled.
They ran and ran until they got out of the pink village, and was surrounded by pink grass in a pink field.
"We can't out run them for long. They just get faster and faster," said Indu, "You grab any of those flowers we landed in?" asked Indu.
"What? No, was I supposed to?" Apricot replied.
"That's ok, we'll just use these."
Indu pulled out a bunch of maple tree seeds and shoved them up Latr's nose.
"Ow, stop!" Latr yelled, "What the hecks?"
"Ba-jinga!" Indu exclaimed.
Latr sneezed and suddenly a motorized contraption appeared. It looked like a mix between a maple tree, a car, and something Latr had for breakfast.
"Get in!" Yelled Indu.
They got in the seats of the contraption as Indu started to pilot it. A voice emitted from the seat that Apricot was sitting in. It sounded like an opera guy. "I will protect you," it said, as tree roots wrapped around Apricot's waist and torso.
"Whoa," said Apricot, "Easy there."
The same thing happened with Latr's seat, but roots also wrapped around his nose.
"Protect the mother nose" the seat said.
"This is uncomfortable but it smells good," said Latr.
Indu sat in his seat and pulled back on some branches. Suddenly the contraption started moving and hovering in the air. Soon they were high in the sky. Unfortunately, one munchkin dwarf with a particularly good arm as well as accurate aim, threw an egg the hit the back underside of the contraption. The explosion caused to the contraption to shake violently, but it was luckily still airborne. But now sap was leaking from maple-copter.
"The mother nose has been saved" said Latr's chair, as it unwrapped it's roots from Latr's nose.
"Gee, thanks." said Latr, sarcastically.
The leaking sap was burning whatever it landed on, leaving a trail of fire behind.
"That's not good," said Indu.
"This place is too pink, I hate it!" said, Latr.
"Warning. Warning. Low on sap." Indu's chair alerted.
"I was afraid of that," said Indu, "We're running low on fuel, I'm going to have to emergency land the craft.
"Where are we going?" asked Apricot.
"Remember what I told you about questions." said Indu.
"We're going to the Boss Man," said Latr, apathetically.
"Latr, come on! It was gonna be a surprise!" said Indu.
"Boss man?" Apricot asked.
"Boss man is the high ruler of Grumble Bumble," said Indu, "We need to chop of his hands and put them on the Pangle Statue."
"What?!" said Apricot.
"Don't worry, they'll grow back!" said Indu, "Now...very carefully...landing this craft."
As they touched ground, the roots unraveled, releasing its passengers.
"Thanks for snuggling!" said the seats.
"Weird," said Apricot.
"Alright," said Indu, "the castle is just a few hundred yards up ahead, now from what I remember, the only way to sneak in without being caught is to SNAKE!
Indu was interrupted by a big pink eagle with three talons which dove down and grabbed the three guys.
"SQUAWWWWWWWK!" said the big pink eagle.
"Hey, Indu. Why did you yell 'snake' when you saw the big huge bird dive down?"
"There are no stupid questions, Apricot," Indu replied, "Just pink worlds where questions lead nowhere."
The eagle dropped them into a tube slide thing at the top of the castle.
"Weeeee!" said Indu as he slid down.
"Aaaaaghhh!" said Apricot.
"Boooooo!" said Latr.
At the bottom of the slide, they were greeted by pink guards in pink armor, who put spaghetti handcuff on them.
"Agh, why is it so slimy and gross?" said Latr.
"You don't ask questions around here!" said one of the guards, "Only the Boss Man does that!"
The guard poked Latr in the ribs.
"Owie!" said Latr
"See? That's why you don't ask questions." Indu whispered to Apricot.