Wednesday, August 22, 2007

aliens and anti-matter grenades

did my title scare you? good. it should. it was to get your attention. your not in detention. this is a crazy special edition of rhym. is is no crime. why? just because thats why. i am too lazy to play this game. and aliens and anti-matter grenades would be a sweet band name. this "poem" i am creating doesn't have rythm and it doesn't have a beat. ...neat! thats sweet! sweet neat! hey that rhymes! good times... coolio foolio. i need to get better cuz i feel sick. i better get bettet and it better be quick! that sounds like doctor seuss. all it needed was a who or moose. its hard to think of all this and make it rhyme. wow, i think i rhymed something with rhyme like the 5th time! i'm hungry i think i'll go eat an orange... crap. nothing rhymes with that. whoever finds a word that rhymes with orange get the prize. and the prize is me telling you how many times i said rhyme in this post. and if you don't i will never count how many times i said rhyme i annoy myself sometimes...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


i have a few ideas that are just ideas that are just ideas... on is to make consesion dispensing firework. like at the fourth of july there would be a huge firework at the beginning of the show and before you know it, hot dogs would be on little parashoots falling into your hands. and they would be hot from the explosion... so yea, of course they would be cooked! and you know how car doors can be unlocked with that remote thing? that would be cool for real doors. or an ipod that's also a phone....wait thats invented right? it should be. that would be cool. why didn't anyone think of that? (haha) i think movie theaters should have room servise or a touch screen menue for each, each seat. or a soda machine (the one where you hold up the cup to the fountain) but instead of soda its popcorn. don't they have those somewhere? they should make a windchime that keeps salesmen and soliciters away. like a sound that only a salesman would hate. i think i'd like to have a pet elefant for a day. that's just something i needed to say. i think i will write more blogs with my ideas for the neer future. if you like one of them or you have an idea just let me know and i'll get to it. i know you want one of them firework/food dispensers! or ipod/phone...haha! i make me laugh.

Friday, August 10, 2007

applying fruit to... everything?...

when i first came up with the idea of fruit for this blog i searched "applying fruit to math" but i couldn't find anything philosophical. all i found was some kindergarten web page with puzzles like " how many apples can dance on a banana?....really?" so then i went and researched just fruit to find out if a tomato is a vegetable or not. then i learned the sad truth: its BOTH! it had the venn diagram to prove it and everything! in fact i think i remember someone asking that question and i said "both" just to be funny. but apparently its true. so is the truth funny? or is anything funny true? hmmm... i also saw something about seedless fruits. i thought "what? i thought they all had seeds?!" then i remember the seedless watermelon. so what i came up with was all those supernatural fruit cloning machine gene bending mechanism devise potion (or a s.f.c.m.g.b.m.d.p.) turned all those watermelons into vegetables? this is just confusing so i'm just going to cut to why i put a "?" in "everything?" i actually put some thought into that. everything includes fruit, so applying fruit to fruit would be the opposite of of what the answer already is...paradox! also everything includes vegetables. that's not really that complicated cause i've already figured it out. the answer is simply "regular tomato" not just tomato but regular tomato, because a tomato covers a field. like a tomato that has gone through the s.f.c.m.g.b.m.d.p.. that has never happened to a regular tomato. therefore the answer to applying fruit to veggies is "regular tomato" or even "radioactive watermelon process"(R.a.W.P.) thats what makes it so funny! and that, my friends, how scientist sound smart. they just make everything sound confusing and only understandable to them. i wouldn't consider myself much of a scientist...maybe half of one...i can just take logic and make anything sound confusing. or confusing things myself at least. i award this blog the blog with the most ...dots... and dedicate it to myself and everything i have been through. ta! ta!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

fireworks, bombs, and explosives

since the month of july is gone there is no fireworks till new years. not legally that is. i still have a $10 stash of those popper snaps in my room. explosives are getting better and more complex which is a satisfying thought to me. modifying fireworks to make them better is not as hard as it sound. like you can turn a flower bomb into a m16 in less than a minute. i will neither confirm nor deny why i know this so don't ask. i found a video on youtube and this danish or dutch kid makes and explosive that ignites from water. have you ever seen a liquid nitrogen bomb? those are cool. it looks like a nuke from outer space with the scientific white smoke and all that. i saw another video where they make a liquid nitrogen bomb underwater. there was a big splash and smoke everywhere. it was awesome. what i would like too see is a huge illegal firework show, because illegal fireworks are most likely the coolest looking kind. like a grenade strapped to a rocket. wouldn't that be cool? there are also some microwave tricks that are awesome to watch. if you microwave a lit match or even a sliced grape and put a glass over it you got yourself some nice home-made plasma. that's right plasma. you're probably thinking "what? grape plasma? whoever heard of such a thing?" apparently the grape completes a circuit when cut a certain way. the plasma just looks like pure electronic evil in pure electronic evil form. hey that would be a sweet band name, however if you take the initials of Pure Electronic Evil...well...ya got trouble. back to insane explosions. this one is probably the most illegal, most expensive, and most waist of fuel. if a gallon of gasoline is lit it looks like a nuke. not just a nuke. i mean a NUKE nuke. like a mushroom of unusual size...on fire.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

scout camp

so it has been about a week and i just got back from scofield scout camp. i got 5 merit badges there: soil and water conservation, geology, woodcarving, indian lore, and orienteering. they were all boring but very easy. our troop also earned the badenpowell award which is the hardest award to get. moving on... so some of you caring people may be still concerned about my sunburn from the river rafting trip(bless you all). well i started peeling for the first time in a while and it was kind of convenient when i had nothing to do. i would just be sitting there and look at my arm and start peeling. this may sound gross but you should try it sometime. there was a long jump contest and i went about 14 feet which is probably my longest. it rained a lot so it was so much more hard core when i jumped cuz i got so dirty. i also won the rootbeer chugging contest and i spilt like half of it on my shirt. all i need is about 3 more required merit badges and a project to get my eagle. i'm still thinking of what to do for my eagle project. i'm thinking of going to mexico or something like that. any suggestions?