Saturday, August 4, 2007

scout camp

so it has been about a week and i just got back from scofield scout camp. i got 5 merit badges there: soil and water conservation, geology, woodcarving, indian lore, and orienteering. they were all boring but very easy. our troop also earned the badenpowell award which is the hardest award to get. moving on... so some of you caring people may be still concerned about my sunburn from the river rafting trip(bless you all). well i started peeling for the first time in a while and it was kind of convenient when i had nothing to do. i would just be sitting there and look at my arm and start peeling. this may sound gross but you should try it sometime. there was a long jump contest and i went about 14 feet which is probably my longest. it rained a lot so it was so much more hard core when i jumped cuz i got so dirty. i also won the rootbeer chugging contest and i spilt like half of it on my shirt. all i need is about 3 more required merit badges and a project to get my eagle. i'm still thinking of what to do for my eagle project. i'm thinking of going to mexico or something like that. any suggestions?


Ian said...

Three words: Boys Scout Cookies.

Take it up. And I'll take a baker's dozen.

Eliza said...

Re: ideas for an eagle project - what about lobbying congress to legalize some of the above mentioned fireworks? - think of what you would be doing for your fellow man, not to mention the scouts who would sing your praises for years to come!

You don't want to go to Mexico - thing Eastward - thing New Jersey!! I am sure we could find something worth while for you to do here!!

I love ya, little bro!