Thursday, August 9, 2007

fireworks, bombs, and explosives

since the month of july is gone there is no fireworks till new years. not legally that is. i still have a $10 stash of those popper snaps in my room. explosives are getting better and more complex which is a satisfying thought to me. modifying fireworks to make them better is not as hard as it sound. like you can turn a flower bomb into a m16 in less than a minute. i will neither confirm nor deny why i know this so don't ask. i found a video on youtube and this danish or dutch kid makes and explosive that ignites from water. have you ever seen a liquid nitrogen bomb? those are cool. it looks like a nuke from outer space with the scientific white smoke and all that. i saw another video where they make a liquid nitrogen bomb underwater. there was a big splash and smoke everywhere. it was awesome. what i would like too see is a huge illegal firework show, because illegal fireworks are most likely the coolest looking kind. like a grenade strapped to a rocket. wouldn't that be cool? there are also some microwave tricks that are awesome to watch. if you microwave a lit match or even a sliced grape and put a glass over it you got yourself some nice home-made plasma. that's right plasma. you're probably thinking "what? grape plasma? whoever heard of such a thing?" apparently the grape completes a circuit when cut a certain way. the plasma just looks like pure electronic evil in pure electronic evil form. hey that would be a sweet band name, however if you take the initials of Pure Electronic Evil...well...ya got trouble. back to insane explosions. this one is probably the most illegal, most expensive, and most waist of fuel. if a gallon of gasoline is lit it looks like a nuke. not just a nuke. i mean a NUKE nuke. like a mushroom of unusual size...on fire.


Cameron said...

I think this posting makes me laugh more than any other so far.
It also makes me worry the most. Please promise me you wont make ANY of those bombs you mentioned, or anything else that might kill, mame, or harm you or anyone else.
I love you too much!

nikki said...

PK... you are too funny. I have to agree that the illegal fireworks are probably the coolest, but then there is probably a reason they are illegal...

Ian said...

The reason why they're illegal is because of the Commies. Alan's a commie. We should ask him if he can hook us up with some illegal fireworks.

Eliza said...

Hey PK,
You know, if you wanted to follow in your brother's footsteps, you could get one of those super gasoline jobs and burn down several fields in one go!

That would be something - not a good something, but it would be something!

I agree with Cam, this is the funniest posting to date - but don't do any of it, only watch others do if on YOUTUBE from the safety and comfort of your own home.