Saturday, July 28, 2007

river rafting

ok. so hear is an update of what just happened in my life: i just got back from rafting the Colorado River in Moab. the rapids were kinda ghetto because they were really calm most of the time. it was like class 0.2 to like 0.5 if that means anything to you. there was a paddle boat and a row boat. i got to be in both and personally i like the row boat the best because only one person did all the work while everyone else just chilled out. i got a turn rowing and that was fun too. we also got to swim down the river a little bit, and that was awesome. we actually got to ride the current through some rapids and just let the current take us as we swam. "go with the flow" has a whole new meaning now, cuz the flo can be pretty dang sweet to be in. i got a pretty sick sunburn too. like on my whole body. on the way home we made a few stops and absolutely no vending machines were working! it made me so mad that i just walked in and bought a 24 pack of sierra mist. its under my bed right now. that'll show 'em. does anyone know what the best thing to put on a sunburn is? i'm in serious pain right now. winner gets a drink if they bring it to me. shipping info: pickup only.


Eliza said...

PK, Doesn't mom have some kind of homeopathic jonx to sooth your aching sun burn? Go to the source, man!

Babetta said...

Hey Parker-boy! Fun to hear about your river rafting trip. I heard dad got sick and couldn't go, though. What a bummer. Hey, I gots a quextion for ya. Do you know what the Pixtons website is called? And do you know when Summer leaves? If you could email that info for me I'd love you forever. But I love you lots anyway. See you in a week or so!

nikki said...

I am the queen of bad sunburns. I love aloe vera, but I have to say that I have yet to find anything that is a cure-all. I would say... experiment, maybe rub sour cream all over your body... or perhaps Jell-o.