Saturday, July 7, 2007

they might be giants

they might be giants aka tmbg is my favorite band. they are awesome. i like their music because it is more than one genre. no 2 songs are the same. i've listened to their new album "the else" many times on iTunes. it is an ok album. i mostly listen to the first 6 songs. they also are from my hometown: New York!!! so i have been to a few of their concerts. they have goofy songs, serious songs, and in between. they also are a unique band because they have a thing called "dial-a-song" where you call their number the answering machine picks up, and instead of "leave me a message" it is recordings of songs they have written. some of them are new, old, and even songs that have not come out yet or have been published yet. They have children and have kid's albums as well as adult albums. some people only like some of their songs and that is ok. if you are not familiar with tmbg they wrote the theme for the television show "Malcolm in the Middle" and they also wrote Higgleytown Heroes. They run themselves and have guests play at their concerts and write songs. Their names are John Flansburgh and John Linnell. John L plays the accordion and he rocks out with it and that is so awesome. And that is my review on tmbg. GO TMBG!!!


Ian said...

Love the blog, PK. I think I should start one up, too. We could have dueling blogs.

Parker said...

thanx eno