Monday, July 9, 2007


i kinda stole this one off my friend. he said allergies were "so gay" because instead of "taking this pill or else i will throw up my brains" it is "sometimes i get boogers on my shirt when i sneeze" (again, he said this, not me) I have just researched this subject and it actually can be as hardcore as "throwing up your brains." sometimes it can start out as a runny nose, and then slowly it can transform into a life threatening anaphylactic shock which causes death. woooOOOOooow dude!!! that could make a sweet movie plot. It could be called "The Allergy" that would sell!!! i have heard that some sneezes can go up to a few hundred miles per hour. some people would refer this as a "super power." allergies can have some sweet names too. like "anaphlaxis" or "hypersensitivity." and a blood allergy testing you can use is a "radioallergosorbent test" or "RAST" which i am considering to go into my slang vocabulary (dude that is so rast!). when you get skin testing to find out if you have allergies, they puncture some samples into your skin and it will cause full blown hive like a mosquito bite. this hive is called "wheel and flare." I would call an alternate to rock and roll as wheel and flare. or even a band name. so in conclusion, allergies can be "gay" if you make it look "gay." if you want it to be hardcore, go get you blood tested then go back to your friends and say "yea, i got a radioallergosorbent test, so basically i'm the coolest guy in the world" and they'll be all like "dude! that is so rast!!!" well, i got to go start writing that screenplay for "The Allergy" then i might sell it to M. night shawlamon or whatever that guy's name is.

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C L said...

A very informative and highly rast posting, PK.