Friday, July 6, 2007

airsoft gunning

for those of you that don't know, an airsoft gun is like a mild bb gun. the bb's are plastic instead of metal, and they are 6mm in diameter. there are many different types. most airsoft guns are spring powered. others are C02 powered and electronic powered. A decent gun fires from 275+ feet per second. you can fire at targets or have competitions with friends. i have a proud collection of airsoft guns that i use often. me and my friends play in the woods and in the streets. they are much cheaper than paintball witch is quite similar. i found good deals on ebay and they are very decent. any of you want to brag about your airsoft gun(s) go right ahead.

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Ian said...

Jon Almonte had a BB gun from Japan. That thing was fierce. Mostly, we enjoyed shooting it at the Vaughanster. That thing could put a welt on a German's behind faster than you could order sauerkraut on a hot dog at Gray's Papaya.