Wednesday, July 18, 2007

eyes, ears, mouth, and nose

I learned that there are no such thing as colors and that it is just the way light reflects and how our eyes take it in. thats crazy! I'm colorblind and people see things that i can't, but i can also see things other people can't. But if the majority of the people were colorblind, the regular people would be colorblind. you'd think your eye color would effect the way you see things. hearing is cool too. they way music can be put together. the difference between random jumbled notes and organized sound. is there a hearing blindness too? i don't mean deaf, i mean you hear the not A natural but it sounds like F sharp or something. or you hears something high pitched and it sounds low maybe. that would be weird. tasting something and eating is interesting too. what makes a food critic like a certain food, and another critic hate it, when it tastes exactly the same? smelling is the same way. what makes something smell bad or good? it seems it would be an opinion but everybody hates a fart and everybody loves the smell of flowers and fresh food! smelling is also the strongest sense that brings back a memory. sometimes music might be but music is a memory itself. smelling brings back many memories. that's probably why crack makes you high because it effects your brain so much. question about tasting: would you rather have poo flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored poo? let me rephrase that: ice cream that tastes like crap or crap that tastes like ice cream?


Cameron said...

I heard that people who are colorblind often have better night vision. They are able to distinguish between different shades than other people are. Has anyone else heard that? I like to think it's true. I would hope there is at least some small upside to being slightly colorblind.

Parker said...

i dunno cam. makes sense to me. that would really help me when i'm airsofting with my friends at night. i'll look that up. thanks cam!

Khaliel said...

In his book (which I can' tremember the title of) Monty Roberts (the guy who gentles horses without brutality) said that he is completely colorblind and that it helped him observe wild horses at night. Just FYI Cambo.

Also, I know I shouldn't stoop to discussions of flatulence--being the mother and responsible for setting a good tone--but I can't help sharing another tidbit that I also read in a book long ago, when I was but a girl. Sadly, without trying to, I have committed it to memory. I think it may have philosophical implications, you be the judge: "To each man his own fart smells good."

There it is. I'm sorry. I hope none of you remember it for the rest of your life.