Friday, July 6, 2007


so i researched on wikipedia about cheese. i admit i didn't read it the whole way through because i wasn't bored enough yet. i realize that anyone can research so i will just put in my opinion and try to add some humor. basically, it is a bacteria from milk. there are hundreds of cheeses and they can be aged. I think it originated where everything else pretty much does-Europe. Those people can be so smart. To me, the inventor of cheese must have been one of the coolest people ever, but i still think that the inventor of the two stick popsicle is cooler. next is tom edison, the light bulb inventor. so far i've stated that the coolest people ever are inventors. this has turned into an inventor's blog so back to cheese. to make cheese the milk must be separated into solids and liquids. or the curd and the whey. something fun i like to do is make butter out of cream by shaking a jar. i've only done this once but it was very amusing.

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