Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So Prime Time Real Estate performed today after school. It was a really fun show.

So in Back-Stab-Tag, we are always looking for new methods to achieve a successful assassination/tag. I came up with one that is available, but has not yet been used: MOBILE ATTACK!!! Step 1) Locate your target and make sure they don't see you. Step 2) Call/Text them, describing their location. Step 3) If they can't find you in 5 minutes, they're it!

Last night I had a dream that I was on some kinda futuristic train to the west. It had some kinda belt, kinda like a baggage claim at the airport, only people walked on it to get to places faster. I got to this house to do some weird chores. I remember it being mostly made of glass, and there were 2 kinda big dogs making me nervous. After trying to escape them, more started appearing. I eventually evaded them by jumping out of the TV (apparently I was in a TV world). It was wack.

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