Saturday, December 18, 2010


As a very patriotic American, I support the long lost art of being sarcastic. However, it is a trick topic to write about, since the reader could be thinking all throughout the post, "Holy crap, is he being sarcastic or not? Is he actually pro-sarcasm? or does he hate it and is being sarcastic about it? Wha-PARADOX!!!" We can all agree that sarcasm is a difficult thing to talk about without being sarcastic. Like talking about sneezing, burping, hiccuping, and coughing at the same time, you cannot help yourself but to demonstrate what you think it would sound like (atch-*bughghg*hic*KHA!*). So, instead of being sarcastic with you, directly, as a reader, I will instead show some examples of sarcasm.

Example 1:
Random Stranger: Yeah, I've been to space! (being sarcastic)
Myself: Really? That's cool dude. (Also being sarcastic/playing along)
RS:No dude, Just Kidding! (thinking I wasn't being sarcastic/assuming I'm a dumkopf)

At this point the random stranger evades me, leaving me know time to explain myself: knowing he was sarcastic. But, we must also assume he knew I was playing along, at which point he decided to mess with me and my mind (which is something I would do, actually). Needless to say, I hate it when this happens.

Example 2:
Myself: You are such a horrible person (being sarcastic)
Clueless Girl: Shut up! No I'm not! (not understanding sarcasm)
M: Yeah you are! (etc.)
CG: OK fine, whatever...(catching on/joining sarcasm)
M:What? You admit it! Ah-Ha! (reverse reverse sarcasm)
CG: Wha- Oh my Gosh! (not understanding reverse reverse sarcasm)
And so on and so forth.

This one is my favorite. It seems like most girls understand American sarcasm just as well as most Europeans do, which is not much, at all (Please don't hurt me for saying so! I mean not to offend! Especially the Europeans, those guys are cool).

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Jeff the screaming chimpanzee said...

Yes, those Europeans are so cool. I love them so much. What would we do without them?