Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Time Fun!

Everyone seems to be talking about the summer and things about it. For example: the weather, how hot it is, the sun shining, playing outside, grass growing, etc.

Just a few minutes ago, I discovered a bothersome controversy relating to this moment in time: Snow Cones, the Ice-Cream Cone's jealous brother. The snow cone calls himself a cone, when, in actuality, is found in cup form 80% of the time.


^^^This is disgraceful^^^

I don't think anyone would be confused if we started calling these "snow cups," because that's what they are. Legally, if someone says they are selling you a snow cone, and hand you a cup, you should get your money back, due to false advertising.


It's not that hard to find actual cones. Stop ripping us off! Or at least be honest and say you are selling "snow cups."

I didn't mean to rage this long to get to the conclusion, but it really is a bothersome issue for me.

Here is a little summertime snack I made today.

a shout-out to JKRgamer for commenting on this video minutes after I posted it. You're the best!


nikki said...

While I do believe you are generally correct that snow cones usually come in cups, they used to come in cone shaped cups... just saying.

Parker said...

I'm aware of that. The problem is that the "cone" status has been downgraded since. That is my concern.

Brynn said...

Parker, I laughed myself through the whole vid. You have a gift for tickling my funny bone, my brother.