Friday, January 27, 2012

Level Up

Got some bad news and bad news and good news and band news.

Been pretty busy lately, so no official new episode of UF this week.

However, the cartoon is getting an "upgrade," and will be better quality, but will take longer to make.

SO, I've decided I won't post the legit episodes until I get 100 (one hudred) subscribers to my channel.

Take as long as you please.

Also, PTRE might do some shows soon I guess, so check that out.

"How legit is the new UF" you ask?

Well, just take a look at this intro I threw together...


Be sure to turn the volume up, too.

Just kidding, there's no audio, so stop trying.


Just watch it over and over until you get so hyped about the new awesome episodes that you will get 1,337 people to subcribe overnight.

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