Monday, June 27, 2016

BYU is Finally Updating the Y to "Helvetica" Font

It's about time!

After Brigham Young University's recent purchase of Y Mountain from the Forest Service, Administers have officially announced their first order of action. Citizens of Provo, UT will soon look up to a much more aesthetically pleasing consonant. BYU students are especially pleased at the news, after decades of a government-forced, obsolete typeface desecrating our favorite mountain.

"Finally," said Graphic Design major Thomas Crean, "I'm going to feel cool again when I tell people I go to BYU."

When the new typeface was put up to a vote, Helvetica won with 99.2% (Comic Sans and Papyrus received less than one percent of the vote).  "Helvetica is the most ideal font for our needs " said BYU President Kevin J Worthen, "We're planning on surrounding the Y with permanent lights, and they're so much more easy install with those huge serifs out of the way."

It's going to be a big job, but we're all looking forward to it's completion in the next few days.

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