Thursday, November 8, 2007

its that time again!.....again!

When you see the title you go straight to this paragraph as to find out what time it is for. like "its that time again" "for what?" "for spring" "dude, its fall" "it is now!" this may confuse people. but don't worry, I'm confused too you know. if you are NOT confused, go eat that leftover cake you were planning on eating today, you deserve it. if you already ate that cake, well, now you know why you did. if you have never had cake are missing out...on cake. whether or not that is a good or bad thing is for you to decide. OK back to time. lets say someone asks me what time it is. i could say what time it is at the time lets say 5:30, or time B. in a minute or less, the time changes. it is then 5:31. it has been a minute since this person asked the question. at this time the person no longer wonders about the time. they still think it is 5:30, or rather ironically, they just don't care anymore. i could then tell them a minute has gone by, and that it is 5:31, assuming they still are wondering what time it is. now lets abandon this dilemma altogether. now lets say they ask what time it is again. i would answer "now." it wouldn't be a lie, in fact it would be the time. but when i say now, as soon as i finish saying it, it is in the past. so instead of saying now i could say 10 seconds till now and pat that person on the back. i hope i have confused you in the most logical way possible. just remember this: that last time you said now is (now) in the past, so instead of saying now IS the time you should say now WAS the time...and don't deny it!


Cameron said...

That's a real brain twister. But you're absolutely right. I think.

nikki said...

I love it. I also love your comments about the cannon. How can we implement that???