Wednesday, November 21, 2007


thanksgiving is coming up so i am going to say everything i am thankful for in 5 minutes or less: santa, Christmas, Jesus, God, candy, technology, airsoft guns, comedy, movies, cartoons, time, hands, arms, legs, America, parents, family, house, garage, flashlights, the sun, planets, fish, sea, penquins, shoes, bed, bedroom, games, friends, sense or smell, taste, hearing, seeing, x-ray vision, superpowers, food, money, music, garage door openers, can openers, pancakes, pizza, brain, sandboxes, bathrooms, outdoors, indoors, monkeys, tv, movies, frozen food items, grocery stores, elves, trees, mountains, cheese, candy canes, candy corn, syrup, sugar, animals, mice, baseball, sports, grass, mideval times, bublegum, family, toys, shelves, baskets, eggs, machines, wind H20, water, dihydrogen monoxide, circus performers, magic, rockets, rollerskates, roads, cars, oxygen, tiolets,....well thats five minutes. did you know the first thanksgiving was with a pig and not a turkey? that is dope.


nikki said...

That's a lot of good stuff... I also like elves and who doesn't love a good slab of pig :)

Ian said...

what about mexican wrestling masks, yo?

Eliza said...

B/c you are not a mom and constantly cleaning up the house "magic erasers" are not on your list, but if you were a mom always cleaning, like myself, I feel confident that magic erasers would have been mentioned.

You know, PK, this is a fun idea - to just write for 5 minutes all the things you're grateful for. It is kind of like prayer on paper. I will try it too and I was thinking how cool it would be to make this a Thanksgiving tradition.