Saturday, September 17, 2011

Undead Friends

I was gonna make a different video to try to advertise for more subscriptions, but I guess I'll do that in a week or two.

Anywayzzzz, me and a buddy had an idea back in the day for a tv cartoon show. I thought I'd share a storyboard with you.

I also realize that people are naturally drawn to stories, and not random poop, which is basically what I've been making mostly. So if you wanna see another episode (or possibly a whole season) of Undead Friends, just say so.

Lets just pretend that after the end it said "on the next episode of Undead Friends, Mummy gets kidnapped by someone claiming he "belongs in a museum." Nobody cares until they realize he's the only one who knows the combination to the safe with his gold they use to pay the rent for the house they already own!"


Ben said...

Oh my gosh, a cartoon indeed. Hey I'm out of the loop on your blog I'm afraid. Do people ask you questions for you to answer in a video? 'cause I've got a lot of questions.

Parker said...

yeah. occasionally my german butler "Hans" will answer a question and post a video about it. sometimes he even shaves his head!

Henry said...

More Undead Friends!

Brynn said...

Yeeesss! I'm totally hooked. Parker if you promise to make more of these, I promise to make this my premiere show of the fall season! So, like, when people ask, "What are your shows?" I'll say, "Parks and Rec, LXD, and Undead Friends."

Also, a question: is the nephew a vampire?