Saturday, October 15, 2011

UF#4 / Jimmy Fallon?!?!

Sorry I'm late. This weekend has been busy I guess...or lazy? I dunno. Anyway, if you stayed up all night refreshing this page to see if there was a new episode of Undead Friends, hey, more power to ya! But I'm probably not that famous...yet.

Also, I'm not sure if you've watched Jimmy Fallon recently, but he has this new game show thing called Ready, Set, Flow. Basically, it's a freestyle rap contest. As many of you may know, freestyle rapping is one of of my 347 hobbies (definitely in the top ten). So I made this audition video for Jimmy himself to see if I can get on his game show thing.

The problem is I don't know Jimmy, so if any of you know him, please send this to him. Thanks.


Jan Dawson said...

I loved your audition - I can't believe the random word generator pooped out on you! It actually made the whole thing even funnier.

Parker said...

yeah, I thought so too. lol!