Sunday, November 6, 2011

UF#7 / Deep but not Profound

Sorry, I usually don't post things on Sunday, but seeing as I have a bunch of daylight savings hours I've saved over the years, I figure I'll just use those to go back in time so I can post this on Friday or Saturday. That sentence was long, if you didn't notice there, this one's a haiku.

So this week I didn't get any subscribers to my channel OR paper in the mail. However, this weekend was really awesome and I'm in a good mood. Since this post is so late this week, here's a new episode of UF, and a 20 minute video of what we do on Sunday.

I don't expect you to watch all of this...well, actually I do. You have the responsibility to learn all information in this video.

Yeah this is what we do on Sundays. Actually this is the first time we've played "Deep but not Profound," but you know what I mean, we're just chillin' out, as they say.

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