Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, this week, since you guys aren't DOING YOUR JOB!!!, I put matters into my own hands. Don't worry, there IS a new episode of UF this week, but what I've done is I did one of them awesome CROSS PROMOTIONS!!! What's that you say? Don't like cross promotions? Don't like caps lock? TOO BAD!!! Team Fortress 2 does it all the time.

So, my friend does this pretty cool webcomic with 6 other comic writers. It's on Click the TV icon at the top of the screen, that's the one he writes. The whole cross promotion thing is that UF featured characters from his comic on sbboard this week, and vice versa. And VICE VERSA I SAID!!! So tomorrow he's gonna post the same story that happened in UF#9 in comic form, only it's gonna show the story on HIS characters' side! I'M JUST AS EXCITED AS YOU ARE!!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I'm sorry that this Thanksgiving you'll have something that you won't be grateful for. Next week I will be out of town, and I probably won't be able to post anything new. *sad face.*

But that's ok! That just gives you more time to show your all your buddies how to subscribe to my channel after checking out UF and sbboard, right?! heh heh...*pathetic laugh.* Seriously though, don't let me down.

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