Friday, February 10, 2012

Frog & Art

Don't worry, this is still a video blog. I'm just going to post a little project that took me FIVE HOURS to make today, and I thought I'd share it.

And now a video I made for "experimental video" class. It's bases off the most famous Haiku in the world. Don't bother counting the syllables because it is a basic translation. The original is in Japanese.

The quality aint that great, but whateva.

In other news, my "How to MAKE a lava lamp" has more than 10,000 views!!! hahahahaahahahhaaahahaaaaahahahahahahahhahhahahaahahahhahahhaahahahahahhaah!


Eliza said...


babetta said...

So mother-loving good, broski!!! Genius. Your art is really cool, too! What was the assignment for that?

Allison said...

Parker that piece of art is so cooool! Can I somehow get it for my HOUSE?? (no, seriously, can I?)