Monday, February 27, 2012

Sorry 'bout that

Yeah, didn't have a chance to update this here weblog over the weekend. But here I am!

(got 100 views overnight, btw. werd.)

So I basically met my new hero on Thursday. Every week a different artist comes and talks about whatever. And the man in this video, Tyrone Davies, came to talk.

(spoiler alert: he pukes)

I'm a pretty big fan of viral videos, and this was already a favorite of mine, even before he came to talk, so you can imagine how excited I was when he revealed that HE WAS THAT GUY WHO PUKED!!! (He was even on an episode of Tosh.0 about it[Season 1 Episode 2, to be exact]) Turns out he did it on purpose as kind of a practical joke, BUT NOBODY KNOWS!!! I feel special because I know exclusive info about this viral video. It makes an awesome conversation topic.

Aside from his internet fame, Tyrone Davies is actually a really cool experimental film maker. He's made some pretty awesome stuff.

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