Friday, January 2, 2015

The Brickwizard Part II

I understand I made a few spelling and grammatical errors in my last post.  I'm not gonna fix them.  At least for right now.  Without further ado, Brickwizard part two!

The brick started to glow red as it was fired in the kiln.

"Is that hot enough?" asked Swinefish Merryweather.

"Give it a bit longer, Figs" said Breadsaw.

"I've been a blacksmith longer than our Princeship's father has been dead.  That bronze isn't getting any hotter."

"I've studied brickmastery longer than our Princeship's MOTHER has been dead!" replied Breadsaw, "Believe me, you've never fired this type of bronze before."

The brick continued to glow red.

"Wait for it..."

The brick began to glow blue.

"Alright, as soon as the blue starts turning green, pull it out."

After just a few moments, the blue hue faded and Swinefish quickly pulled out the brick with tongs and headed toward the trough.

"NO!!! STOP!!!" Yelled Breadsaw, "Don't put that in the water trough, Figs, do you want to kill us all?"

"You better tell me where I should put this thing then, it's starting to melt my favorite tongs."

"Over there in that open box I placed on the table"

Swinefish did as he was told.

"That's a nice looking box.  Where did you get it?"

"I forged it out of discore, using speedwax."

"Discore?!" Swinefish was baffled, "Where in smells wells did you find discore?"

"The sailor who traded it to me said he owns a discore deposit in his private a sea-cave mine"

"Well, what in hade's spades do you need a box made of discore for?"

"You saw how hot that brick got, didn't you?" Said Breadsaw, "discore is the only mineral that can stabilize such heat without letting it cool down.  Not rapidly anyway.  That's why we brickmasters call it a lava-box."

The brick continued to glow green.

"Come over here, Festelton." said Breadsaw.

Highlord Grandsir Festelton was standing in the corner, quietly observing the procedure.

"This is the color you want it to be, "said the Brickmaster, "This shade of green means it is at it's hottest temperature.  The lava-box will stabilize it and keep it at this temperature and color for a few weeks.  If it goes back to blue, you have to fire it back up to green again.  If you let it cool completely, or even cool down to red, it will be rendered useless.  That's what we call a 'dead seed.' At that point it will disintegrate before heating back up to blue or green again."

The Highlord, with his arms folded, carefully leaned over to see the brick glow green in it's majestic cube thrown, and quickly felt the warmth radiating against his face.

"Quite extraordinary," said the Highlord.  He turned to look back at the Brickmaster. "So how do we plant it?"

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