Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Apricot Jones part three (3)

"Hello, excuse me, hey!"
Apricot recognized this voice as well. It was even more familiar to him.
"Indu Thyme, is that you?" called Apricot
"Yes, and I have Latr with me!"
Out of the long hallway came Indu, wearing a bear pelt, and Indu, who was carrying a bag of newspapers.
"I assume you've said your goodbyes to my older, younger self, then?" asked Indu
"Uuhm, yes, yes I did. You were a lot taller back then." Apricot
"Well, you know, his kind shrink over time." said Latr
"We don't shrink, we condense," said Indu, "big difference."
Apricot squinted his eyes at Indu, then Latr took his turn squinting at Indu.
"Ah, that reminds me," said Indu, "You have that playing card, right?"
Apricot pulled the Jack of Spades from his pocket.
"Excellent. Now, Latr, you have that seaweed, right?"
"Sho do!" Latr said, as he pulled a longish, slimey, twisy, green thing from his pocket. Indu took the seaweed and placed it on the card, folded it, and held it up to Apricot's face, who immediately waved his hand to keep it away from his mouth.
"Ew! What are you doing!" yelled Apricot.
"Eat it, Apricot! It's a sandwich!" exclaimed Indu.
Latr laughed to himself, "Sand. Wich. Ha ha!"
"Indu, it smells awful!" said Apricot.
"Eat it! It's a hot-dog!" Indu persisted,struggling to get the seaweed encrusted card into Apricot's mouth.
"Latr, come on help me with this!"
Latr thought for a moment, "Uh, eat it, it's uh, it's, uh, it's a taco!"
With that, Apricot swallowed the card and seaweed in one gulp.
"Ow! My throat!"
"How does it taste, Apricot?" asked Indu.
Apricot stood silently for a moment, somewhat delirious, smacking his lips.
"That was the best taco I've ever had!"
"You're welcome," said Latr.
Apricot rubbed his neck with his hand. "The tortilla shell scratched up my throat real good, though. That's no fun. Ow."
Latr shrugged his shoulders. Indu squinted his eyes. Apricot licked his teeth.
"Man," said Apricot, "did you put salsa in there?"
Indu's eyes widened.
"Well," said Latr, "I don't rember putting any-"
Indu cut him off, "Yes, he DID put salsa in the taco!" Indu grabbed Apricot by the collar. "Where does that salsa come from?"
At this point Apricot was getting pretty loopy and laughing to himself. "Who-dy, who-dy, whoooo. Weeeee!"
"Apricot, snap out of it!" demanded Indu, "Where's that salsa!"
Apricot's head was literally going round, as if his head was having trouble balancing on his shoulders. He raised his finger. "Well, it's not so much the salsa as it was the pepper IN the salsa. Or is was it a spice?"
Indu shook Apricot like he was a floppy, puddy man. "Spice, pepper, who cares? Where do we find it?" Indu demanded once more.
"Grumble-bumble." Apricot said, barely audibly.
Latr's head popped up. Indu un-clenched his grasp and looked down.
"Did he say Numble-pumble?" asked Latr.
"No...MUCH worse." said Indu.
Latr's eyes widened. "He didn't say Dumble-shumble, did he?"
"No... he said," Indu turned to look Latr right in the eyes, "Grumble-bumble."
"What?" siad Latr, "We can't go there!"
"We have to," replied Indu
"But it's the worst one! Why don't we go to Dumble-shumble? It's bad, but not half as bad as Grumble-bumble."
"The SPICE isn't IN Dumble-shumble!" yelled Indu Thyme,"It's in Grumble-bumble, so THAT'S where we need to go!"
Apricot burped, which brought him to his full senses. "Oh, man. That leaves a crazy aftertaste. I could go for another one, though." He looked up at Indu and Latr and said,
"Grumble-bumble, anybody?"

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