Monday, January 10, 2011

BST Anthrax Kill-of-the-Week

Though I have been told it is the most epic of all. To quote HD "more epic than the Bourne Trilogy." I was flattered.

(Here is a reference if you don't know what BST is)
(Also, this is what I mean by anthrax)

So HD is sitting in some kinda history class with MC sitting close. A student walks in with a Little Caesars Pizza in her hand, and delivers it to HD. Everyone is staring. HD thinks "what the heck? why am I getting a pizza? who sent this to me?" He opens the lid of the box to find a pile of snow (aka anthrax) with a note that reads: "You thought this was a pizza, didn't you?" MC is impressed.

This is probably the best anthrax assassination I have ever pulled off. All I had to do was go to the main office and ask them to deliver a pizza to a student. It was awesome.


Henry said...

Dude, you pwned me big time. It really could have been in the Bourne movies, and it would have made them better.

Jeff the screaming chimpanzee said...

It would have been so funny if it was real anthrax. Hilarious. I would die to see the look on their faces while they opened anthrax. Oh wait, I would die. Neveryoumindwhatisaid.