Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exploding Microwaves and Backstab Tag

I had a dream there were 2 half-eaten krispy kreme doughnuts on the counter. They looked like my bite marks, so I decided to finnish one. It tasted kinda old, so I decided to microwave it, but instead of putting it in for 8 seconds like you are supposed to, I accidentally put it in for about 10, and as soon as it reached 9 seconds, my microwave timer when up a few hours, and electric bolts and sparks were flying everywhere. It was awesome, but scary, so I had to do something about it. I looked for a plug, but I didn't want to electrocute myself. Luckily, a friend of mine pulled it out of the extension cord. I thanked him, even though I kinda wanted to be the hero who stopped the microwave from exploding.

On another non-dream-related subject, me and a friend from school invented this game called ninja tag/ assassin tag / backstab tag. Basically, its a regular game of tag, played only by two people, and you can only tag the other person if they 1) don't see you and 2) don't know you are there. At the end of the day, if you are not it, you get a point, and at the end of the week, whoever has the most points wins. We started last Wednesday, and I beat him 2-1. I got him yesterday and am winning today (the other rule is that end of the day = midnight, but that is if you are hardcore enough to sneak into your friend's house at 11:30pm just to tag him, but at this point, usually if your at your house after-school and he's not around, you are safe). I must say, this game has made me become very aware of my surroundings.


Jan Dawson said...

Your backstab tag made me laugh really hard, Parker! Sounds awesome, but also like it would make it kind of hard to relax.

Eliza said...

So, I was thinking of back stab tag tonight after Jan and I watched Harry Potter 7 pt.1 -- after I dropped off the babysitter I was all by myself and SO glad that I wasn't involved in back stab tag because after watching that movie, then being alone in the dark, if someone had jumped up on me out of nowhere I would have jumped out of my skin or even fainted or something!

Parker said...

yeah, it definitely makes school less boring. we just watched hp7.1 last night. it was fun.