Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back-Stab-Tag Weekend Update

This week was a complete shut-out against HD aka "Hank da Tank". I won 5-0. However, I must say, even though he lost, HD gets top assassination of the week: Hiding under the table for two minutes after the substitute called roll and grabbing my leg when I was late to class. Well played! (I pathetically tagged him back at night when we happened to be at the same showing of the school musical.)

I have started 2 other games against MC and DH on Friday. It was a hard fight, but I managed to defeat DH, though MC won by default because I could just not find him.

This game is a success, I think, because there are other games being played that I have not been involved with. MC vs. HD and DH vs. JJ. The latter I had no participation of the initiation of the game. May the best ninja /assassin / spy win!

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