Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dinseyland / Intervention

Act I: Last night's dream
I was walking through Disneyland with some friends, then I somehow got separated from the group. It was kinda scary. There were literally no people in the in sight, and the parking lot was empty. Suddenly, Walt Disney himself runs down the road away from a riot of people, and commands me to get into his van. He's freaking out and tells me "We are bankrupt." I'm thinking, what does he mean? What is he talking about? He responds to my confusion by saying something like "The theme park is a lie, the real money is in drug dealing." So while I was thinking about this dream I had, I came up with this conspiracy theory: The real reason Walt Disney made his own theme park was to make a safe place where he could sell drugs to the Mafia. That way, he would be safe, and nothing would go wrong.

Act II: The consequences of skipping school
So our school came up with this thing called intervention. It is a time where you can go to a class that you need help in, or go to a depressingly boring assembly. They don't keep attendance and it doesn't really matter what we do with that time, so my friends and I decide to ditch it. As we were walking toward my friends car, the administration sees us, start to walk toward us, and yell stuff like "gentlemen! where do you think you are going?" Without hesitation, we get in the car, and make a clean getaway, or so we thought. It was quite the adrenaline rush. Little did we know that someone from the administration took our their camera phone, took a picture of the license plate, and looked up some records. In the last period of the day, everyone involved with the escape was called down to the office. Luckily all of us had straight A's (except me, I had a B or something), so they didn't get too mad at us. They somewhat understood that we didn't really need intervention, but pointed out that other students did, and that we could help them by using the time to peer tutor. None of us had thought of that. Nevertheless, it is still a really funny story, at least I think so.

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