Monday, January 3, 2011


Happys News Years. Mys resolutions iss tos pluralizes everythings.

Just kidding. Dang, that was annoying wasn't it? Shoot, I'm sorry.

Anydangway, why does nobody do this anymore? That stuff is awesome.


Eliza said...

2 guys who aren't the greatest singers, dancers and aren't even that handsome singing for FOUR minutes about going north -- this is really something, PK. Kinda makes you wonder why this show isn't more well known.

Could you see Prime Time Real Estate incorporating something like this into the routine? Think about it.

Finally, what is up with their hats - I mean the straw hats that have a string that connects to their jackets. I kept thinking something would happen - and would reveal that the string served some kind of purpose, but no! Just for looks, I guess?

Jeff the screaming chimpanzee said...

Eliza's a downey-downerson isn't she? I found those men incredibly handsome. INCREDIBLY!!!